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Advocacy – Until all are SEEN and LOVED

Never give up.MAKE THEM see you.Never change who you are simply for “a pass” from others… Just a few of the many things I will teach my son, day in and day out, until I’m blue in the face. The thing about advocacy friends, is that it can be messy, and loud, and can be […]

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Birthday Magic And All The Feelings

My boy, my Beckett, my littlest love, Today you’re another year older. Another day wiser, cuter, faster, taller, and 6 full years of pure miracle. One day I will reminisce with you all about the challenges that you faced, from day one, coming into this world much too early. When I’m braver, and stronger, and […]

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Initiative, Progress, and Coloring Outside The Lines

This child of mine has never been a fan of coloring. You know when you (used to be able to) go to restaurants, and the host/hostess would hand you those tiny, little boxes of crayons with their children’s menu to pass time? Ya, we passed on those after awhile. They’d end up rolled under someone’s […]

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Erase The Word

Close your eyes. And just for a moment think back to the most important piece of advice you got when you were younger, on how to treat others. This is mine, and I know you’ll recognize it… We were all told that famous line as children, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t […]

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Perspective: Served Hot And Fresh Daily

One of the most powerful parenting quotes I’ve ever heard is as follows: “Your child isn’t GIVING you a hard time; Your child is HAVING a hard time”. And it pulls the air out of me every time I hear it. We are an open book; transparent, honest, and real.And we always will be. And […]

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What We Stand to Lose

We have seen much brighter days, friends. Our previous week started with our sweet Beckett, out of the blue, looking like he was going to “toss his cookies” during a short car ride. His adventurous, silly, playful demeanor disappeared, and a sad, quiet, still, slightly pale imposter emerged.Some kind of tummy bug must have overtaken […]

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Holiday Magic is in the air

This time of year is breathtaking. . The weather, the people, the gratitude and spirit. The snow is falling outside my window as I type and I’m dazzled by it’s unexpected beauty. Our son Beckett is officially on Holiday break, and I am now attempting to wrap my mind around how we are about to […]

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Our Kind of Christmas Miracle

I feel a small twinge of anxiety as I am somewhat scrambling this Christmas.This is the first year that I have not gone “all out”, (or “overboard as my loving husband refers to my antics) with gift giving for our littlest love. I stowed away a secondary tablet for Beckett for the occasion, earlier in […]

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The Smartest One In The Room

You my sweet boy, are the light of my life. You’re the source of my laughter.And the source of the semi-frequent “poo clean-ups”. You’re the body behind the giant grocery tab.And the body keeping my heart wide open and full. You’re the pickiest of eaters, with a fairly short list of “approvals”.And you’re the energy, […]

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