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Welcome to To Infinity & Beyond Words.

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Our little family consists of just the three of us; My husband Cameron, our sweet little boy Beckett (5), and myself. My name is BriAnna, and I am the author here, at To Infinity & Beyond Words.
We call Nebraska home, and call ourselves Blessed.
On this page, we aim to educate, advocate, and shine the bright light of love on our world of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Not only through the sharing of all the triumphs and strengths, but also “the hard”. The parts of special needs families that are often cast to the shadows. The parts that are left unspoken. The severity.
But “knowledge is power”. And the more we share, the more others understand. And the more the masses understand, the easier life is for individuals with special needs, just like our miracle boy.
Follow along with our adventures. Learn & grow with us. And catch a glimpse of just how much love swirls within these walls.