A Thanksgiving To Never Forget

To some these photos may look less like Thanksgiving and more like a “game night”.

Today, these are our chosen festive plans.

Today the calendar reads “Thanksgiving” and we are doing just that.

We had (burnt) pizza for our meal, instead of the traditional American turkey spread with all the trimmings.

And yet we are thankful.

We are confined to our home, with the company of just the three of us, due to the pandemic riddled world in which we all currently reside.

Yet we are grateful.

We have a steady roof over our heads.

We have food on our table.
However non traditional, it is food that our nonverbal, autistic 5 year-old will happily sit at the table with us and enjoy.

We have shared phone calls, and video chats, and messages with those that surround, support, and love us.

We are healthy. We are alive. We are well.

And we have all of YOU here.
Here willing to educate yourselves on our world of Autism.
Here showing support and kindness and grace to our family, and families like ours.
Here to spread joy and advocate along side us.

And for this we are blessed beyond measure.

I woke up this morning with that same twinge that many others may have felt, yearning for a table full of extended family gathered around.

But truthfully this Thanksgiving, without the hustle and bustle of busy bodies, and chirping kitchen timers, I have been able to put much needed focus on all the things that are truly important.

My appreciation spreads much further than to those just inside these walls. And my heart can feel everyone I love, no matter if we can feel their hugs on this particular day.

Our son is in his element today.
He is joyous, and filled with happiness and exudes that care-free attitude. Galloping, and skipping, and running.
It’s beautiful to watch, as always.

This has become a Thanksgiving that I pray we may never forget. Because it pushed us to get comfortable with this new reality, and the hard, and the different.

This change in holiday has opened my eyes to a twinkle of what our sweet boy must feel on repeat, daily;

Confusion. Frustration.
Then determination, courage, and adaptation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Have a safe, healthy, courageous, beautiful holiday.
No matter what that may look like today.

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I’m a Mama to a preemie miracle little boy, on the Autism spectrum. A loving wife of US Navy Veteran. A Blogger. A chaser of naps. And a lover of all things caffeinated.

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