Outside Looking In

Outdoors you feel at peace.
You feel calm.
You feel centered.
You are one with your surroundings.

If I could change the world for you, to feel just as it does amongst the flowers, and grass, and the trees, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

If I could make the world a garden, just for us, I’d make it my life’s work.

The way you look at the outside world mesmerizes me. Intrigues me. Excites me.
We all could stand to mold our perception to those with gorgeous minds just like yours.
One free of judgement, of bias, or hate.

A mindset of adventure, and wonder, and love.
All of which you show us daily.

The way you feel about the outdoors, the way you are at peace, that is precisely the way that I feel around you, my sweet boy.
With you, I am centered. I am whole.

And amongst all the chaos, and the ever-evolving world of Autism that we live in, with you I have peace.

In a world riddled with people that think you need to change, I hope you never do.
You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

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I’m a Mama to a preemie miracle little boy, on the Autism spectrum. A loving wife of US Navy Veteran. A Blogger. A chaser of naps. And a lover of all things caffeinated.

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