More Than Rainbows

I don’t want to give anyone here the impression that we are just the “sunshine and rainbows” family.
I can tell you right now that that certainly is not the case, all the time.

Don’t get us wrong, we love and we love hard!
We push, and we learn, and we educate.
But we also struggle. And that is OKAY TO SAY.
Cameron, myself, and Beckett.

First off, let’s discuss some brief terminology.
•Tantrum: something an individual has when they don’t get their way
•Meltdown: something an individual has when they cannot cope with their surroundings (be it a loud noise, bright lights, crowding, etc.) or overwhelming feelings such as sadness/anger.

This right here, was a brief, but strong meltdown. This particular moment is the aftermath of our very brief attempt at online schooling. -Thanks “Covid-19”.

eye roll

All of this to say, that if you see/hear me (or any other parent) reference a meltdown, I want you to hear them. I’d like you to remember this blog post, and tell them that you are listening. And if you’re comfortable/willing, ask them how you can help even.

You see, these Mama’s KNOW they look tired.
They KNOW that you see them in the store struggling at times.
They KNOW that you hear the sounds that their loved one is making, and often times it echoes through the building.
What they DON’T know is that you are going to be understanding. Show them that you are.

For us the meltdowns typically look like aggression. You may see our sweet boy on the floor, rolling, kicking, maybe even tap his head on the ground. Likely frustrated, or scared, or sad, or honestly pissed. (You would be too if you had 4 million things to say and couldn’t use words to make people understand). But he is in NO WAY trying to harm or scare.
Don’t be afraid of what you do not understand. That is why I am here. Writing and attempting to educate, on the daily. This is how we change the world.

See a Mama or Daddy struggling with an overwhelming meltdown in a public setting? Don’t stare and whisper. Or judge.

That’s for the birds!

Calmly ask that struggling parent/care giver if they would like some help. Maybe you can carry a bag. Or push a cart. Or hold a door.
Or maybe it’s not a matter of physics assistance…
If someone came up to me in that instance and simply said “You know what? You are doing a great job.”, I’d develop like, “Hulk Strength” and carry on with the biggest smile in my heart, and on my face.

As they say, “In a world full of hate, be a light”.

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I’m a Mama to a preemie miracle little boy, on the Autism spectrum. A loving wife of US Navy Veteran. A Blogger. A chaser of naps. And a lover of all things caffeinated.

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